The dosage heads of the class GHL 4 xx were developed for dot & line applications with cold and hot media.

On this occasion, special value was placed on a maximum in quality, modularity and compatibility taking account into the minimum place relations at the application area.

Specific features:

  • mini base body with anti-custody coating dimensions BxHxT: 22x73x95mm
  • integrated magnet valve quick coupling
  • modular adaptation possibilities to the application-centric needs
  • maximum compatibility with available systems
  • with precision modules of the series GHL 400
    • with spring fastener: adjustable spring hub
    • glue channel without mechanical parts
    • titan-coated nozzle needle
    • nozzle needle and ball manufactured in one part
    • seat made of brass with VA-Longlife high-grade steel application
    • new developed precision packet
    • piston seat with Viton seal in H7- clearence






GHL 201

 GHL 4xx LP


GHL 402

Applicator widths up to 2-m length to several modules possible
optional implementations:
VA VA-implementations for food applications
LP  triangular profile for cardboard fastener
BS  face applicator
combinable filter system
with integrated big filter
IF  with inline-filter 
combinable module-/nozzle options
AC  with aerial fastener for quick switch cycles
MR  with material flow vernier adjustment
MC  with integrated dot shot nozzle        (minimum-cavity)
ZC  with integrated selfcleaning nozzle  (zero-cavity) 
SP  for edge-sharp spray application
  with multi module heads, combinable in addition
with swiveling modules to the variable gauge setting
SA module/nozzle-single control
combinable electronic
connection compatibility with tank system, if desired
ITC  with integrated temperature regulator (NI120 / FeCu / PT100 / NTC)