The patented market innovation!



For the dispensing of fluids in any contours
(as for example to pastes, varnish, oils, colours). 
Previously it was extremely difficult to moisten or to caulk
any contours full-flatly or in subranges with fluids.
Now by this procedure this is very easy to realise.

The medium which has to be applied is dispensed by a valve through special sinter material and is applied very precisely in the form of a stamp. In the example you can see a nozzle for circle applications. 
  • closed system with minimum soiling danger
  • adaptable application possibilities (e.g., alternatively to silk screening)
  • high clock cycles also possible in the run
  • costly procedure of the medium or nozzle is not necessary
  • simultaneous dispensing of the complete pattern


GLUEMATIC® - Stamp-Coat-nozzle for circle application

Usage examples:

   closure of packaging


    valve plate bonding



               cork production


adherence of closures for 
beverage cartons



Many other applications are possible. We can advise you ...