In In many sections products must be fixed against shift of the cargo.

Therefor just some examples:

• protection of packages on palettes
alternatively to shrink or stretch foil
• product fixing in open tray
• fixing of postcards, booklets, CD-Roms,..
• general montage fixing in all industry ranges


At this the GLUEMATIC®-SPRAY PROCEDURE offers important advantages:

• substantial minimisation of the inset of resources in comparison to alternative fixing possibilities
• barely visible and immediately effective fixing
• inset possibilities of permanent adhering glue (reusable packaging)
• the open time is endless, whereby rejetcs by stops are avoided
• variable glue significations of smoothly adhering up to strongly sticking
• You don´t have to dispose additional rubbish! (e.g. foils)
• The stripping of the products is possible without substrate avulsion!
• The fixing is flexibly useable for several products, too!