Hand guns are often used for assembly uses in hand work places or to the manual glueing of cardboards with lacking availability of the packaging machine.


Advantages on one view:
  • very robust implementation for industrial 24 hour uses
  • temperature control about probe by your available tank system except GHL-I-330
  • available glue hoses can be used except GHL-I-330
  • applicable up to 215°C processing temperature
  • easy maintenance


Overview hand guns for external tank connection (type GHx-E)
Signification/ Type GHL-E-D41 GHL-E-D31 GHL-E-09M GHL-I-330
Temperature control by your available tank system for high melting achievements (except GHL-I-xxx)
release by spring forced spring forced pneumatic 
glue connection above / beneath beneath beneath integr. tank
multi-compatible (*3) yes yes yes -
hose compatible to  AD41/ Auto-Gun AD31/Spec.Hose  AD41/ Auto-Gun 


Options / Attachments

spray version GHS  x x x x
hose hanger  x x x
spring balancer x x x -
tripod - - x x
foot switch - - x x
linear slide - - x x