(also compatible to Nordson ® H200 / H400 modules)


A Common problem is the low stand times of the used capillary brass nozzles.
A capillary is exceedingly sensitive to hits or mechanical cleaning attempts. 
If the capillary is damaged, a controlled application is no longer realizable. 
Then the nozzle must be exchanged. Further a channel crossing arises in the
core drilling to the used capillary, while glue gathers which can crust then. 
This scab formations rinse themselves bit by bit from the crossing and thus often
contributes to a nozzle blockage.

The VA-Longlife-Nozzle Gives You The Following Advantages : 

  • long lifetime by low abrasion
  • very good protection against damage, because there is no capillary
  • decrease of thread dragging by short channel and improved glue flux properties
  • decrease of nozzle blockage by special honing (no channel crossings)


Article No.

nozzle 1B 0,20 - 2,00 mm VA- Longlife