Do you still work with uncontrolled adhesive applications?

A reliable adhesive application is crucial for the faultless operation of the bonded products. If glue is missing, in the wrong quantity or at the wrong place then this leads to scrap, or even a customer complaint.

By collaborating with specialists in the field of sensor technology, we are able to offer you the GLUEMATIC ® Glue Control GC500 a novel infrared surveillance system. This system is monitoring your adhesive applicator for continuous and intermittent processes, coating or very fine spray applications safely.
Usage Fields: 
  • control of glue applications, of all kinds in all areas
  • control of warm coatings e.g. in the food industry
System Singnification: 
1. Basic Unit GC500:
  • transmitter to set the monitoring parameters
  • fine adjustment of the deviation 
    tolerance via a regulator
  • adjustable sensitivity via DI switch
  • any deviation of the adjusted value will be registered
  • integrated, infinitely variable control relay contact, the internal limit-setting
  • alarm notification at dropouts or less quantity
  • connection to a machine control
  • integrated analog output for direct connection of a PLC (external limit-setting)
  • output options: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10VDC
2. Sensors Of The Series GC500: 

various sensors with the following general specification:

  • measuring distance:   5 - 150 mm
  • acquisition time: 1 - 4 msec
  • measuring range:    circle - or slit-shaped
Various trim levels offer the best fit to your application (e.g. CAN-BUS, integrated lens cleaning, ring sensors for robotic applications).
The sensors are pluggable and thus easily interchangeable.