Pressure Range 
Probe Compatible To

Outer Sheath


gas analysis

NW04 9/16" UNF P0-   6bar 10= 100°C  AC-240 VAC  PT0=PT100 Nordson

PA= polyamide-mesh        black

hotmelt  NW06 9/16" UNF  P1-200 bar  23=230°C 

DC- 24 VDC

WT= heat bearer

NI=NI120  Roba  VA= high grade steel- mesh 
other NW08 9/16" UNF  P2-250bar  25=250°C  heated FC=FeCuNi type J  Dynatec  CC=PA-corrugated hose soft 
  NW13 3/4" UNF  P3-475bar  35=350°C    NT=NTC  other  WS=silicon-sheath washable

DKL M26x1,5

      NN=NiCrNi- type K     
  NW20 DKL M30x1,5 / 1 1/16"-12 UNF       

IT= integrated temperature-regulation

  NW25 DKS 42x2 / 1 5/16"         TE=NSHM (thermostat)    
  NW32 DKM M45x1,5 / DKJ 1 5/8"-12        NS20 (hose-probe for NI120 / gun line only 230 V)     
  NW40 DKL M52x1,5        S0-without probe     
  -NW80         S?=sensor ubscure     
  connector for guns/applicators or facilities also available
  the hose length is variable between 0,3-150m
  or simply tell us the manufacturer's number (Nordson, Roba, Dynatec, other...)
Options:    Attachment:      
ATL changeable glue canal SH hose hanger  
SL integrated spray-air-line SK hose clamp  
IM integrated magnet valve-line TI integrated temperature regulation  
SZ additional  control line TE temperature regulation external for top-hat rail assembling
ZE implemented stroke relief