basic equipment for precision applications:  
  • spring closing: adjustable spring stroke
    • compensation of spring tolerences possible
  • glue channel free of mechanical parts
    • reduced pluggings
  • titan coated nozzle needle
    • minimal seal and ball wear
  • nozzle needle and ball made of one piece
    • elemination of ball abortion
  • seat in brass with VA-longlife high grade steel input
    • minimal seat wear
  • newly developed precision package
    • maximum sealing at minimum wear
  • piston seat with Viton-seal in H7-fitting
    • optimum manufacturing precision
  • also available separately to optimize the existing applicators in exchange


Additional Options For The Application Optimisation


AC  with air fastener for quick shift cycles 
  with material flow-vernier adjustment 
MC   with integrated dot-shot nozzle    (minimum-cavity) 
ZC  with integrated self-cleaning       (zero-cavity) 
VA   VA-implementation for food stuff-applications 
SP  for edge sharp spray application  GHL 400 ZC-MR