GLUEMATIC® sets new industrial standards with the barrel melting systems of the series GBM.
Universally integrateable Siemens S7 process-visualised high-capacity melters for up to
280 kg of glaze capacity, with precision-gearwheel or piston pumps, permanent filling level control and
program controlled barrel ventilation.
The new series GBM offers optionally integrated buffer tanks to 30 litres for the barrel change,
an absolutely new rest amount emptying up to 0.5% possible.
According to the hotmelt type with every barrel up to 60.00€ can be saved.

  • integrated buffer tank (til 30 litres)
  • bridging the barrel change
  • first in = first out
  • adhesive conservation
  • adhesive savings
  • programmable filling level
  • rest amount display
  • automatic barrel ventilation
  • no venting valves, because of venting directly into a buffer tank

GBM pallet add version GBM with piston pump GBM standard
  • innovative and forward-looking
  • optimum integration possibilities
  • quick and easy installation
  • menu-driven control by touch screen
  • easy handling and maintenance
  • use of industry-standard-components