We offer you a range of more than 10 years experience in the essential components of coating systems, such as rollers, commissions and control technology.

From the careful planning to the professional manufacturing till the fair after sales service we work very much close together with the user.

This narrow cooperation originates coating
systems in a very high quality and reliability, which we can manufacture for an excellent price / performance relation. 


Moreover just some specific features:

  • high flexibility by modular construction
  • coating strengths from, less than, 5 gr./square metre
  • coating widths of 5 - 2500 mm (also on both sides)
  • process control of all parametres with visualisation and evaluation by pc-binding
  • remote maintenance by modem

We further support you at the optimisation of your coating systems.
Moreover we offer you a huge number of estimate possibilities:                                                                                           

binding of automatic rolling change systems
conveyor band edges or conveyor band middle controlling
servo control for crease free winding 


integration of process controlling modules
creation of a knowledge base for the production analysis
process data acquisition, visualisation & evaluation
batch assignment of process parametres


binding of innovative ware-storage modules
integration of pretreatment modules
Corona / Plasma / flaming / Primer


Optimisation of coating units
- precision coatings (contact – or non-contact)

- rising of the material filling circle by innovative premelting systems

Optimisation of the processing-time bucket

heating or cooling rollers
IR drying systems