GLUEMATIC®- dispensings of the series GPC500 offer you high operational ease:

Path-dependent or time-dependent control from up to 6 separated application head groups up to 10 program memory places per group.

The easiest handling by foil keyboard without complicated programming

(optional touchscreen or by PC with Windows-software)

  • altogether max. 160 W can be selected with 24VDC
  • 8 enable - & 8 disable times per channel
  • stitch drive by input of the total length and number of dots
  • code lock
  • PC-interface

inputs: up to 4x photodetector 1x encoder

1x proportional valve for the automatic quantums matching

Output: up to 4x magnet valve groups

Speed Dependent Control By Incremental Emiter
  • elektronical encoder matching
  • automatic magnet valve compensation
  • machine stop-contact